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Why You Should Look for Foundation Issues

Foundation IssuesWhether you are buying or selling your home in Nashville, you must have a home inspection before the deal can be done. To this end, one of the most important pieces of knowledge about a buyer’s future home is the condition of its foundation. If the house’s foundation is in disrepair, there will be structural issues in the future that can be costly. This will also affect the value of the sale.

Knowledge is power

It is imperative that you know the condition of your future Nashville home prior to agreeing to the buyer’s asking price. Though some buyers might want you to overlook what seem to be minor foundation issues, in this case, knowledge is power. A poorly installed foundation, or one that is showing the signs of wear and tear, can indicate whether or not you will have expensive fixes in your future. It’s extremely important to have this information when you are considering the best choice for your dream Nashville home purchase.

Know the signs: looking for foundation issues

Some wear and tear can be innocuous for a home foundation. However, there are telltale signs that you will have future foundation issues.

Do not let a home inspection go by without checking for the following warning signs of a foundation in disrepair:

  • Cracks in drywall can be indicative of much larger issues in the home
  • If there is a pitch in the foundation, you will experience sloping floors
  • Cracks, especially large ones, occurring in the exterior concrete
  • Any noticeable gaps or spaces between walls and ceilings, or wall seams
  • Hard to open windows, or windows with cracks or small breaks in the glass
  • Doors that won’t stay shut
  • Windows or doors that are obviously misaligned

It is also extremely important to check for standing water in basements, around the perimeter of your future Nashville home, or in any crawl spaces. Ask a home inspector to check for this.

Not all cracks in a foundation indicate problems. Cracks that are thin and less than 1/4 of an inch wide are typically harmless. Wider cracks indicate the need for immediate repair. Invest in these fixes now to save a bundle later — or consider buying a different home altogether. A competent home inspector should be able to identify what the real condition and future of your foundation are, and a reasonable local foundation repair service will likely be able to fix these issues.

Contact a knowledgeable Nashville real estate agent today

If you are considering buying a home for sale in Nashville —and especially if you are not sure whether or not there are (or will be) foundation issues—contact Darin and Christina Cunningham to talk about your options. The husband and wife team is dependable with good information and has years of success representing buyers and sellers in the area. Don’t wait until it’s too late. You should never buy a house without having a clear picture about future structural issues. To learn more, call the Cunninghams today at 615.661.4400.

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