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What Are The Benefits to Purchasing New Construction

What Are The Benefits to Purchasing New ConstructionNearly everyone who has ever considered buying a home has at some point had a dream of buying a newly constructed home, and so many of those potential buyers push the thought out of their head because of fears of costs, complications, and more.  Many buyers think that the purchase of a new construction is a financial impossibility. The truth, however, is that new construction homes can often be an incredible option that, in the long run, aren’t as pricey as one might immediately think.  The purchase of a new construction home proves, for many buyers, to be an incredible and satisfying experience that results in a lifelong home.  With the knowledge that buying a new construction isn’t impossible, it’s important to also explore why it could even be advisable.

New homes have a number of benefits that often go above and beyond the downsides, not to mention that many of the downsides are largely reliant on simple mistakes in the research process.  With that in mind, let’s consider some of the benefits of new construction purchases:

1. “Tabula rasa” – the blank slate

It might seem an obvious point to highlight that new homes are new, but that statement actually means more than just the surface details.  Of course, new homes have the polish and cleanliness of any new possession; however, what’s most important is what lies underneath.  New constructions do not have the baggage of wear, unseen maintenance issues, pest problems, or unnoticed mold.

Imagine moving into a home only to discover a termite problem or to have a pipe break shortly after the move.  Even with insurance, these problems can become major headaches or even complicate into long-term issues.  A new home is considerably less likely to encounter such issues.

2.  Youth is precious, even for your home

If you’ve ever looked at a potential home and winced when you saw the build date, you wouldn’t be alone.  Seeing a decades-past date on a property’s paperwork often starts negotiations off on a bad foot.  Selling a home is a reasonable possibility in anyone’s future, and, with a new home, a date won’t stand between you and a sale.  Youth isn’t just valuable to us; it’s valuable to the real estate market, too.

3.  New homes often come in new neighborhoods

We’ve all heard horror stories about how neighborhood property values can affect an individual property within the neighborhood, but this is a considerably lower risk with new constructions, which are often accompanied by other new properties.  The best way to protect yourself from property fluctuations is to stick together – at least as much as can be managed.

Buying a new property is a major decision, and buyers should know of every option available to them.  Missing out on the benefits of a brand-new property shouldn’t be done without reason; new homes are not only exciting but can be fulfilling as well.

Let Darin Cunningham help you find your new dream home

Darin Cunningham is a real estate industry pro, whose years of experience have informed his ability to advise buyers and sellers alike.  If you’re thinking about buying a new construction, work with Darin.  Call him today at (615) 661-4400 to find the new construction you’ve been dreaming of.

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