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Walk Score Can Affect a Property’s Desirability

Ever heard of the walk score methodology? It’s a measure of the walkability to or from a particular address. Walk Score analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. Points are awarded based on the distance to amenities in each category.

Walkability is defined as the degree to which an area within walking distance of any property encourages walking trips from the specific property to other destinations. Walkability can be affected by different social and physical attributes of the area around the property.

Some of the contributing attributes include land use mixing, urban density, street connectivity, distance to destinations, traffic volumes, sidewalk width, perceived safety and city block size. These factors affect the walk score of the property which in turn affects the property’s desirability.

The presence of desired destinations within walking distance of the property is one of the most important factors. If a property is within walking distance of desired destinations like supermarkets, malls, schools, workplaces, etc., then the property’s desirability goes way up.

Imagine you are living within walking distance of your workplace and the mall. This would be very convenient for you as you commute to work and save fuel and time. It would decrease your stress levels since you don’t have to battle traffic. You also don’t have to drive for long distances meaning you might save a lot on fuel costs. Also, the car would need to be serviced less often and it might last longer.

Now assume the same property is within walking distance of a school or a supermarket. The use of the car now becomes a less of a necessity. The kids can walk to school; you don’t have to take them using your vehicle. When going shopping, you only take the car to help you carry things, not because of the distance. This makes life easier and more convenient for you.

The time spent in traffic every day can be used for other activities like spending more time with the family or making some extra income working another job. This means you have more time to relax if you are tired. When you wake up the next day refreshed, you spend less time going to work meaning you can walk the kids to school and still get to work on time.

If the walk score of a property is poor, then this means the desirability of the property goes down. When looking for property for sale, many people consider the convenience the property adds to their life. There’s less chance a buyer will be interested in a property that is going to make life harder for them. In general, the higher the walk score, the more desirable the property becomes. If a house has a walk score of 90-100, this means that most all of the daily errands don’t require a car which makes life easier. However, if the walk score of a property is 0-49, this means most, if not all, daily errands require using a car which makes life less convenient.

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