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Tips for Getting Quality Photos and Videos to Help Sell Your Home

You probably already know that a home listing with good pictures attracts more attention than one with no pictures or videos. However, do you know how to take great pictures and amazing videos of a home? Pictures and videos make a great impression and it’s vital that you make a good first impression.

Most homebuyers begin their home search online. Listings with no pictures may get passed by and overlooked because the buyer thinks there must be something wrong with the house if someone has not posted pictures of it in the listing. Below are tips about how to create quality photos and videos that you can use to sell your home.

Go for natural light

Tie the curtains and pull up the shades and shoot when the sun is still high (before four in the afternoon). Natural light makes everything look brighter, better and crispier. It also shows the buyer the natural beauty of the home and the amount of light the home lets in which is a big plus as homebuyers generally want to save on utility bills by using natural light.

Photograph at an optimal angle

If you are taller than four foot five, take a knee to photograph the space at an optimal angle. The only time you should take photos at a higher angle is if you live in a multilevel home. Take a photo of the staircase and one of the house while you are on the stairs. This gives the buyer a better view of the house and helps give some perspective.

Stage the house

The house should be clean and clutter-free. Put away all personal items and pictures before commencing to shoot a video or take photos. Let the aspiring homeowner imagine what it would feel like with their items in that space instead of seeing too much of your stuff. The house doesn’t have to be empty, but it should be clean and clutter-free with no personal items.

Take pictures of what counts

Start with the most important rooms in the house. Start with the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room and so forth. Add some colorful items in these rooms such as flowers, brightly colored artwork, etc. to give the room a better look.

Edit if necessary

When taking pictures, make sure you avoid eyesores like old fans and nail holes. You can sometimes take photos and videos of your home and end up with some good results. However, it’s good to run them through some editing software on your home computer. Get rid of blemishes like nail holes and so forth. Things that might make the buyer dissatisfied. Improve the appearance of your home by making improvements to the pictures and video. Make the pictures and videos look as good as you possibly can.

Take a few close up shots to show the character of your house. It’s also good to get an entry door angle shot.

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