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Tips About Moving with Children

Moving with kids isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and planning. It can be overwhelming for them and as a parent, you will have to explain to them the reasons for the move. The children need to understand why they are moving and the advantages of moving. Excite them by going to the new house as a family (or show them pictures if it’s far away). Let’s see how it compares to their current residence

The transition isn’t easy and moving can be pretty tough for children. You are disrupting the child’s routine and possibly making them say goodbye to their friends. Here are a few tips to make moving with kids a smoother and less painful process.

Get help with the kids

Moving involves a lot of packing and kids can be an obstacle. If your kids are toddlers, get help from family and friends as you pack. Imagine packing a box of toys only to find them unpacked because your child wanted to play with them. If the kids are little and can’t help out, let them go out and play with friends. You are already stressed out by the move, try not to let the children get in the way too much if they are not able to help.

Involve the kids in the move

If your kids are old enough they may be able to help you out with the packing. Hopefully they are at an age where they can at least pack their clothes and toys. Let the kids know this is the perfect time to get rid of clutter. If you can get rid of some of the unnecessary items, your new home may be less cluttered and you will have less items you have to move. Let the kids pack their things but under your supervision. It a chance for them to contribute and be responsible.

Make new room plans with the kids

This is the time to get the kids excited about the new home by making new room plans. Visit the new home as a family, if possible, before you move. Help the kids choose their respective rooms and help them make plans for these rooms. If you plan on buying new furniture, let the kids help pick out the furniture for their rooms.  Give them options and limits and let them choose what they want. Be open to getting some creative input from them.

Get a kid-friendly moving company

When the moving day arrives, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the kids and the whole moving process. There are moving companies that take steps to help make sure your kids are taken care of during the move. You might consider getting a moving company that has special services for the children. Some moving companies will help provide childcare; others have creative ways to help the kids stay engaged on moving day.

When moving with the kids, pack them their own special moving day bag. Keep their favorite toys in the bag as kids get bored easily. You don’t want to have to try to unpack these toys in the middle of the trip. Keep an eye out for your kids so they don’t get injured during the move and try to help them enjoy the move.

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