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The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Real Estate Investing

Do you want to build a real estate investing business? Just about anyone can attempt to make money from real estate investing. In order to succeed, it helps to have access to good home repair help and good advice about the market. Here are some of the Nuts and Bolts of real estate investing:

Types of Investments


This refers to any piece of property that is in its natural state or in other words it is a raw property. Usually no improvements, construction, or modifications have been done to the land including sewers, lighting and streets.

Investing in land can be financially rewarding, but it requires knowledge and expertise that is usually built over time. It can also take time and patience to make a profit as you may not make any money from the land during the time you are holding on to it.

Commercial Real Estate

In this context we will define this as any property used only for business purposes. The reward or upside with commercial property investing is sometimes greater, but to get this greater reward, you may have to do more work.

It takes time and effort to identify the most lucrative market opportunities. Doing your due diligence is important as these properties are highly valued and the risks associated with them are higher.

Residential real estate

Residential investment real estate refers to any residential structure owned solely for the purpose of generating investment returns, either through rental income or through market value appreciation. Residential property can be a great way to make some good money, acquire equity and create a good property portfolio.

Residential real estate investments generally fit into one of these categories:

  • Wholesaling
  • Fix and flip
  • Holding rentals
  • Creative real estate investing

Connection to The Local Market (The Nuts)

These are the resources that connect you to your local real estate market. They also help you learn more about the market to help your investment go smoothly.

Local real estate agents

This is a good professional to know. A local realtor helps you easily find the hot spots of the market. They have the knowledge and know the trends of the market. Many realtors have the skills to assist real estate investors.

Networking events

These are real estate investing clubs and groups that you can benefit from. There are forums that can help you interact with other investors and catch up on the market trends as you learn from knowledgeable experts. You can look into joining online forums or local real estate investor associations.

Educational mastermind events

Most of these happen a couple of times every year. Here, you may meet investors from all over the country who might be willing to partner with you and help your business grow. Some even share their secrets while others might lend you private money.

Be practical when investing in real estate. Drive around the neighborhood you want to invest in and get a better look at it.  Use all the information you have gathered through research and the tips given by your realtor.

Pay close attention to all the businesses surrounding the neighborhood you are interested in. It’s up to you to determine if it is safe or a war zone which may not good for you to invest in.

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