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The Best Swimming Holes Near Nashville

When Nashville heats up a little in the summertime, and it can be a good time to cool off with a nice swim. Nashville has a lot of great spots that you can take a dip in and also enjoy a nice picnic. Pack your car with some cold beverages, pick up your friends and seek refuge in some of these amazing swimming holes.

Foster Falls

It is part of the South Cumberland State Park and has everything a camper could wish for. There’s climbing, camping, hiking and an incredible spot where you can cool off. To get to this swimming hole, you take the Climber’s Access Trail and head down to the falls through a steady rocky descend. The swimming hole welcomes you with a breeze from the falls adding to the appeal. The descent gets a bit steep so be ready to climb out at the end of the day.

Cummins Falls

This might be the most beautiful and breathtaking swimming hole in Nashville. It was private years ago, but it is public now and flooded with people who enjoy the low hanging falls. It has perfect rock shelves and crystal clear water and the picturesque falls add to the beauty of the place. To get to the falls, you can take the 1.5-mile hike with switchbacks down to the falls. A quicker option to get there is to carefully climb down the overlook. Make sure you have good hiking shoes and follow the used path.

Narrows of the Harpeth

This is where the Harpeth River loops back on itself. There is a 100-yard tunnel that slices through the rock which was hand cut to connect the two sides of the river. The water from the tunnels pours into a swimming pool below. The site is not hidden and is located within Harpeth River State Park and can be accessed easily using the well-used path. While it is not advisable to go through the tunnels, you can sit on the small water falls coming out of the tunnel.

East Fork Stones River

It is 37 miles from Nashville so you can easily pack up your hiking gear and head over to this nice spot. The three stone river has three forks, east, middle and west. Along the East Fork of the River, there is the Old Mill beach and swimming hole. The site is an ideal place for swimming for adults and kids. There is a tree swing also, but people are advised to check the depth of the water before they start having fun as the water levels change throughout the year.

Montgomery Bell State Park

This is approximately 40 miles from Nashville and the beach and swimming hole at Acorn Lake are free and open daily. If you want to camp overnight, there are numerous campsites. There are more than 19 miles of hiking trails here. For those who love swimming, it is a perfect place to go for a nice swim in fresh cold water on a hot summer day.

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