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The Best Nashville Coffee Shops

If you are on the hunt for good coffee in Nashville, your options are getting better and better. Times have changed and it seems like you can now see a coffee shop on almost every corner of the city. However, even with numerous options, some are still better than others. Just because a coffee shop has amazing interior and staff rocking denim and long beards, doesn’t necessarily mean their coffee is top shelf. Below are some of the best coffee shops in Nashville.


Since the day they opened their doors, they have been serving up great coffee for their customers. Their location is in Germantown and they have a simple and sleek interior, but their menu is extensive and perfect for any occasion. Are you craving a coffee soda during the summer, you can find a great one here. This is also a good place for a delicious meal with your friends.


It might not be physically impressive, but their coffee is eclectic. They are located at Charlotte Avenue and they have free Wi-Fi combined with amazing coffee and espressos making this spot worth a stop any time you are in town. They have creative, caffeinated drinks including the cherry refresho and the sorghum cinnamon latte. The cherry refresho is a bracing combination of espresso and Mexican Coca-Cola, and their sorghum cinnamon latte is their best-seller. They also offer baked goods from local bakeries.

8th & Roast

Their first coffee shop was such a success they just had to open a second one on Charlotte Avenue. They have a warm and cozy interior with a calm atmosphere with bar seating and community tables. Their ample parking lot and free Wi-Fi gives people heightened incentive to jump in and taste their craft coffee. They also serve alcohol at their first location if you want your coffee spiced up.

Barista parlor

It is one of the most coveted coffee shops in Nashville and they now have multiple locations. The nationally recognized coffee shop is a favorite spot for a good cup of coffee. They serve wonderfully roasted coffee brewed in different ways. To help you pair your drink with a treat, they have an impeccable collection of American-crafted chocolates. It is a nice spot with incredible woodwork and bright interiors. They also have free Wi-Fi and outdoor seating if you want to enjoy your drink outdoors.

Americano Coffee Lounge

If you are in need of a caffeine fix or a spirited cocktail, this is the place to be. It was built by the owner with the help of his operations manager and they completed the construction, design, woodwork and buildout as well as the painting and lighting. It has a special personal touch. They have amazing pastries, coffee and sodas. They have high quality coffee with a unique taste served by a skilled team. Head over for a  quick cocktail or coffee fix.

Bongo Java

It is Nashville’s oldest coffee company and one of the first Nashville based coffee roasters. They provide organic Fair Trade brews and their coffee can be found in almost every retail store in Nashville.

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