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Murphy Bed vs. a Sleeper Sofa; The Pros and Cons

Home prices keep going up so every bit of space in the house is valuable. You might be wondering where you can get the extra space you need for your children or grandchildren to sleep. You might be trying to create an office, art studio or a hobby room. One way to create some more space is to use a sleeper sofa or a Murphy wall bed. With this solution, the sleeping area is now basically free to be used during the daytime. Which is better for you; the Murphy wall bed or the sleeper sofa? Here are the pros and cons of each.

A Murphy bed requires less space

The Murphy bed is tucked into a frame and connected to the wall taking up less space compared to a sofa. The sofa sits in the room and it is deeper and wider because of the arm rests on the sides of the couch.

A Murphy bed is more comfortable

This is because it generally has a thicker mattress compared to the sofa bed. Because of this, the Murphy bed is ideal and practical for every day sleeping as well as guest sleeping. You won’t wake up sore. The sofa bed requires a thinner mattress so it can be folded up into the couch.

A Murphy bed is can be used as a desk

A sofa bed can be a bed and a couch and that’s basically it. The Murphy bed on the other hand, can be used to create a nice home office. The bed can have a desk built right into it. The size of the bed determines the size of the office desk built into the bed.

The Murphy bed is easy to use

If you have a wall bed, the setup before bedtime is pretty quick and easy. You can pull the bed down using the handles and pull off the strap that holds the bedding together and use the bed. The Murphy bed also has a pillow box that is used to store pillows for next use.

With the sleeper sofa, you have to take out the cushions, figure out a place to put them and possibly struggle to get the bed out.

A sleeper sofa provides more seating

With the sofa, you get additional sleeping space as well as comfortable seating. You can get a Murphy bed with a sofa feature, but it is expensive and there are a wider variety of sleeper sofas to choose from.

A sleeper sofa is much cheaper

A sleeper sofa is cheaper and requires less sophistication compared to a Murphy bed. The Murphy bed may take more work to initially fasten to the wall.  A Murphy bed generally costs at least two times more than a sleeper sofa.

A sleeper sofa is better suited for movers

If you are renting and you might move in a few years, the sleeper sofa may be the best choice for you. The sofa bed is pretty quick to move. The Murphy bed on the other hand is attached in the wall. If you want to take it with you, you must remove it from the wall and patch the holes and possibly repaint the walls.

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