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Moving Checklist

Moving to a new home is not an easy thing to do. Most people imagine the moving day, but it’s more of a journey and the preparation is important.  A smooth move involves planning and numerous chores that have to be done before the big day.

You have now decided to move and found a new residence, and now it’s time to move. It’s time to get together a strategy, prepare yourself psychologically and make it happen.


This is the most critical aspect of moving. If you are in the mood, packing can be an interesting adventure. Start packing as soon as you can. This is the step that sometimes gets delayed and can make your move difficult. If you plan to pack yourself, try not to waste any time. You will need to box most of your belongings and spend time deciding what to get rid of and what to keep. You don’t have to carry everything from your current house to the new home. For the things you don’t use, donate or sell some of them to avoid too much weight.

Remember the longer the distance of your move and the heavier your items are, the more expensive it is. This means the fewer items you have to carry, the cheaper it is. It doesn’t make much sense to bring along things you don’t really want and don’t need. Most of us have at least a little bit of a hoarder side to them and a move can really shed a light on all the things we have collected that we don’t need anymore.

To make it easier, start the process by eliminating all unused clothing and put them aside. It might be good to donate these to a worthy cause.  All the unused electronic and outdated items that are likely to weigh you down should also follow suit.

Hire a moving company

There are many moving companies that will be vying for your business and hiring the best one can be tricky. Ask your friends and relatives if they had any experience with moving companies and ask for recommendations. Do your due diligence and double check the company’s ratings and reviews online. Here you will find good and bad reviews, especially if you check with the moving.com directory.

Check and see if the moving company is licensed by the Department of Transportation. Contact three or four moving companies out of your top choices to get some quotes. They should perform an in-person inspection or a video survey of your belongings before giving a quote.


All the important documents should be packed in a separate, clearly labeled folder or compact box to avoid spillage. The documents include tax forms, social security cards, school records, health records, birth certificates, etc.

Notify utility companies and forward your mail

Before you move, notify USPS of your change of address. Go to their website and select the date you want to start forwarding your snail mail. Also, notify utility companies of the upcoming change of address. You will most likely have electricity up and running within the first few days of moving into your new house.

After a smooth moving process, you can now go ahead and get a new state driving license if you moved to a new state.

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