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How To Sell Your House: The Home Seller’s Closing Checklist

In the real estate market these days, it can be challenging to sell your house and have the process go smoothly. The selling price and how fast you sell your house can be affected by the steps you take prior to putting your house on the market. There are things you should do as a seller to ensure that your house is in an optimum condition to be sold.  Your real estate agent can help you put your home up for sale and can help make the experience more rewarding.

Here are some things to do during the process of selling your home:


The house should be as clean as possible. Deodorize and sanitize it if you can. If it doesn’t look as good as new, repaint it, repair and replace broken fixtures. A clean smelling house can create a positive image in the buyer’s mind. Remove any odors from pets, cooking, cigarettes, etc.


You may have personalized your home for your family, but that may limit the marketability of your home. Only those who have similar taste to you will be interested in the house. Make the house as neutral as possible to appeal to as many buyers as possible. Replace some colors, patterns, and fabrics to help neutralize the house.

Do some staging

Your local real estate agent should be able to connect you with a professional stager. The stager will arrange your house and punch up focal points, add color touches through flowers and relocate or remove furniture that is wrong for that space.


If your house has a lawn, make sure it’s perfectly cut and trimmed around the drive and walks. The flower garden should be weeded. Make sure the area surrounding the house is clean.

Gather all the closing documents

Your closing agent keeps your documents in one place most of the time, but this isn’t obvious. Make sure you have all the papers, and they should be in an accessible place. The seller should keep the seller disclosures, closing statement, purchase contract, and other relevant documents.

Notify people of your address change

It’s one of the essential things in your checklist. Make sure you inform all important people of your address change. Countless businesses know your current residence, and you should notify them you are moving.

Cancel your utilities

If you haven’t notified the utility companies that you are moving, cancel the utility bills. If you don’t do any of this, the utility company will keep charging you even after the next buyer moves in. The same applies to your insurance. There’s no need to keep on paying for insurance you don’t need.

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