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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection When Selling Your House

If you have made the decision to sell your house, then there are a few things you may need to do to prepare the house for sale. Are you ready for a home inspection? A home inspection plays a big part in making sure the sale goes through. That is one reason why most smart sellers complete a pre-inspection before the buyer’s inspector comes in. If the seller has the home inspected before putting it on the market, he has more time to do repairs and to shop around and control his costs for the work.

Ready for the inspection? It’s good to know what the inspectors look for and make improvements and replacements when necessary.

Clean the house

It might sound simple but it’s an important thing to do. Remember the inspector is a person first then inspector second. The inspector derives some idea of how well the home is maintained based on the cleanliness of the home. The cleaner the house is, the more well maintained it seems.

Be on time

Some inspectors schedule an early morning inspection and arrive at least thirty minutes earlier. They do this and start by inspecting the exterior of the house. If you are inside, make sure the home is ready and you are awake and dressed an hour before. Leave the drapes drawn or the shades down until you are fully dressed. Don’t be surprised if you see a stranger in your backyard.

Test the functionality of all items the inspector will check

Try all the light switches, run all the fans, open and close all windows and test the seals and locks, test the garage door manually and with a remote.

Don’t wait and assume the inspector won’t test all of your appliances. If there’s anything wrong, get it fixed early so you won’t be under a lot of time pressure.

Clear access to critical areas in the house

Make sure all the locks are opened and there is easy access to all areas in and around the house. You may not be around for the inspection. Check the furnace, electric box, air conditioning units, attic door, and water heater access to ensure they are clear and accessible.

Be ready to clear out

Immediately after the inspector arrives, make sure you and the family leave within the first 20 minutes. The buyer sometimes gets uncomfortable asking questions in the presence of the owner. If you have pets which you can’t take with you, crate them and ensure they won’t be a distraction to the inspector.

Turn on all the pilot lights

Some home inspectors refuse to light pilot lights because they don’t have enough insurance for that kind of risk. If the pilot lights are not lit, the inspector will skip important items like the water heater, furnace or gas stove. You won’t be around to light them if the inspector asks. This might delay closing the deal as the buyer could request another inspection.

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