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How to Find Inexpensive Building Materials to Fix Up Your Home

Buying building materials to fix up a home these days can be expensive. A trip to Home Depot can get real costly real quick. Buying materials at a retail store can drain your wallet quickly if you are building on a budget.

If you make an extra effort you can generally find some less expensive sources of building materials. Saving money while getting quality materials is a lot of fun if you can pull it off.

Here are some of the best sources for cheap materials to enable you to fix your house on a budget.


This is the first stop on your search for cheap almost free materials for your home. It’s easy to find materials in the free section starting from lumber, appliances, shipping pallets and furniture as well.

Apart from the free section, your next stop should be Materials, General, Farm, and Garden as well as Household. If you search by category beyond this, it can be a hit or miss.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

This is another one of the best places to find cheap furniture and building materials. People donate unwanted items here to help others. The Habitat for Humanity ReStores are home improvement discount stores with a simple premise: by selling new and gently used donated goods, they can fund the construction of new Habitat homes.

If you are starting your house from scratch or you want to renovate, you can easily find nails, bricks, two by fours, drywall and many others materials.

When it comes to saving money, this is the one of the best places to get your materials, furniture and appliances and many other things. You get amazing furniture pieces with character like chairs, desks, dinettes, kitchen cabinets, and many others at a discounted price.

Demolition listings

There are property owners who intend to demolish a property, and they list the property on a demolition list. The property owner then opens the house to people willing to remove free or low priced items from the home. These may include windows, railings, flooring, cabinets, trim and anything else that is valuable in the house.

You can scoop thousands of dollars in building materials and other items for little or sometimes no cash.

Moving sales, estate sales, and yard sales

Open house estate sales are a treasure for homeowners on a budget. You may find lots of valuable materials and furniture for your home at estate sales.

Moving sales, just like estate sales, can be a goldmine. A family might be moving and getting rid of some of their items and tools at a discounted price, and you may find some great deals there.

Scratch and dent

Your local big box store can also be a good source for materials to fix up your home. These materials often known as scratch and dent are put aside and sold at an affordable price. You can find sinks, tubs, cabinetry, and flooring at discounted prices because they have small dents or scratches.

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