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Home Security Ideas

The safety of your family is very important. Your home is ideally a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, some neighborhoods are not as crime-free as we would like them to be. To be cautious, it’s good to take safety measures to help prevent break-ins and keep crime out of your home. Keeping criminals at bay takes some work, but it’s worth the effort. Let’s take the proper precautions. Here are some ideas to help keep your home safe:

Start with the doors

All exterior doors should be burglar-proof. The door should be made of a solid material such as metal, have a dead-bolt and a lock on the doorknob. A double strike plate is a good idea as well as 3-inch-long screws to secure it and eliminate all weak points in case someone tries to kick in the door.

Always replace all your locks when you move into a new home or lose your keys. Someone might have copied them. It gives you peace of mind since you don’t know who has the spare keys for your home or who found the lost keys.

Home security system

Advertise that you have a home security system in place. Whether you have it or not, the signs make your home unappealing to criminals. Criminals may not want to go after a home that they think is monitored by a security company. They may choose an easier target that doesn’t have an alarm or home security system.  You don’t necessarily have to purchase an expensive home security system, a noisy one that isn’t monitored is better than nothing.

Burglarproof windows

Make sure your windows are strong and burglar-proof. A safety film that holds the glass together helps ensure the glass doesn’t shatter when it’s broken. This slows down any break-in attempts. Place security stickers on your windows as well to alert thieves to make them think that you have a security system in your home.

Noisy alarm or dogs

Burglars love a silent environment. Home alarms and dogs are noisy and these should help deter a burglar and give them second thoughts about coming inside. You can get a home security alarm that makes a lot of noise even though it’s not monitored to save on fees.

Light up your property

Make sure your property is well lit and if you can install motion sensor lights around the exterior doors and the windows. Whenever there is no one at home, make sure all the blinds and drapes are closed and leave one light on to give the illusion that someone is in the house.

Install a security camera

Install free apps on your phone that enable you to use a laptop or TV as a security camera when you are not at home.  Alternatively, you can install cameras that you can monitor from your Smartphone and get notified when there is movement in or around the house.

If you take some precautions to make your home a safer place, you may be glad you did.

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