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Home Décor (Decorating) Ideas

When it comes to home decorating, you might be surprised what you can accomplish if you do it yourself. Here are some home decorating tips to help upgrade your home and help make it more stylish and comfortable.

Large Scale Art

A large painting is not as awkward as some people think. It commands attention setting the tone in a small space. You can also use a black and white photo in a small space or add color to the room with an oversized painting. An oversized painting makes the wall seem larger than it is and adds to the beauty of the room. This type of art is best placed in the living room or a large hallway.

Incorporate mirrors

Mirrors in any room reflect light and make small spaces feel much bigger and brighter. If you have kids, be cautious, don’t hang mirrors too low. Try hanging an oversize mirror on one wall or try several smaller pieces on adjacent walls. Whenever you enter a hallway where art or mirrors are hung, you tend to forget the space and enjoy the art.

Display collectibles

Perhaps you are a collector and whenever you travel, you come back with something that is a souvenir, keepsake or a valuable collectible. These types of collectibles can be anything, for instance, a stone or a piece of art. Consider letting one room have a shelf or display case that showcases the collectibles. For example, there was a woman who had a thing for coffee mugs and an interior designer incorporated into her a wall-mounted display case for her collection and it looked amazing.

Lush plants

Adding plants in your living room has never lost its appeal. It adds a sense of life and color too in the room. If you want to make a good impact, use one of the lone corners of the living space and get a big houseplant. One that you can take care of. It becomes a focal point of the space making it beautiful, vibrant and filled with life. Put the pot in a cute basket to add an extra punch of color.


Consider the direction of light in the room. Too much light might not be effective, but on the other hand, strategically placed lights add a spectrum of color to the house. Hanging lights can be used to create distractions and are best placed in kitchens and hallways.

Accent wallpaper

Let your walls act as a canvas. You don’t have to put art everywhere in the house. You can add wallpaper creating a high-impact wall that gives a subdued room the wow factor. Go big on the wallpaper and think outside the box. Wallpaper is better suited for the bedrooms while color and art are best for the living room.

When decorating, don’t be afraid to do the unexpected. Think outside the box and come up with eccentric decorating ideas that leave people wowed.

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