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Best Places for Live Music Around Nashville

Nashville is well known as the heart of country music, but country is not the only kind of music you will find here. Nashville is also dubbed as the “Music City” and no other city can compete with Nashville when it comes to music. Its home to so many events and festivals which pull crowds from all over the country.

Live music in Nashville is in abundance here in Nashville. Almost every week, you get to enjoy your favorite food and listen to live music that aligns with your most favorite genre. If you are in search for the best live music in Nashville, here is a list for you:

  1. Bluebird Café

If you are the type of person who enjoys live music coupled with bits of history, this is the place to be. It’s an institution in Nashville’s music scene and has served as a launching pad for many well-known performers. If you are lucky, you can catch some of big artists at the Bluebird Café. Some big names such as Melissa Etheridge and Steven Tyler are well known here and they have allegedly been spotted hanging out at sometimes.

  1. The Stage on Broadway

If you are visiting Nashville, your trip isn’t complete if you don’t visit some of the amazing live music scenes. The Stage on Broadway is one of the best. It even has a dance floor if you are up for a dance or two as you enjoy the music. If you are new to Nashville and want to get acquainted with country music, it’s a great place to start. Live music starts in the afternoon and kids are allowed up to 6 PM.

  1. The End Nashville

Maybe your type of music is harder or heavier than country music and you are wondering where to go. The End may be the spot for you. It’s a great place to enjoy rock music, some rap and other music genres and they even play some country music as well. The main course here is rock music and once you attend, you most likely come to the revelation that they definitely know how to rock.

  1. The Grand Ole Opry

It’s one of the venues that pulls in crowds and music stars from all over the country. It’s more formal than the honky-tonk venues that the city of Nashville has in abundance. The venue holds a weekly country music stage concert and it was initially set to feature only country music, but it has now expanded to featuring performers from other music genres as well.

  1. Ryman Auditorium

This is kind of a music institution in Nashville and one of the buildings here is considered a national landmark. This place is dubbed as the Mother Church of Country music, but it’s also open to hosting acts from other music genres.  It’s a good place to enjoy live music as you get acquainted with Nashville.

Nashville has done its residents proud and definitely deserves the title of ‘Music City”.  Being a music fan here is like being a surfer who lives close to the beach. You get to enjoy live music every week of the year.

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